Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trigirl Kit Review

Thank you to Trigirl for the lovely kit to take on my NZ adventure

Enjoying the evening sun after Nelson Sea Swim
I wore the one piece trisuit for the Nelson Sea Swims I took part in. It fitted perfectly and was very comfortable, the material felt really nice and it didn’t rub under my arms, as many swimming costumes do. The extra grip around the legs stopped it from riding up, even when putting my wetsuit on. The tri suit also looks great and the style is very flattering.

I wore the two piece tri top and shorts for running and cycling training. Again the kit fitted perfectly and was very comfortable. I enjoyed looking a lot smarter than normal for training, wearing matching kit for a change!
One of my favourite rides-out to Kina Peninsula
I wore the little cycling gloves every time I went cycling, so pretty much every day. They were great at providing grip on the handlebars, protection from the sun and preventing blisters. They were also very ‘handy’ when I fell off my bike on some gravel, protecting my hands completely from any damage. Unfortunately I ended up with quite a few cuts and bruises on my legs though!

All in all, I thought the Trigirl kit was lovely and would recommend it to all women looking for new tri kit for 2013. Now it would just be nice if all this snow would disappear so I can wear it all again in the UK!

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