Wednesday, 26 September 2012

London Triathlon

The London Triathlon was the final event in the British Super Series and my last triathlon of 2012. As we had done for Strathclyde, we travelled down the day before the race, this time staying with a friend who lives near the race venue. Getting from King’s Cross to our friend’s house turned out to trickier than we’d anticipated and ended up taking us two hours by tube and bike. We made it eventually though and with enough time to grab a bite to eat and a hot chocolate before the race briefing.

Race day and I didn’t have a great swim, but felt strong on the bike and run and managed to finish in seventh place. This meant that I moved up the British Super Series rankings to win the series, which I was very surprised about but very happy too. This time I was the only family member competing, but my husband, parents, brothers, brother’s girlfriend and friend who we’d stayed with had all decided to come along and watch. It was great hearing them all cheering for me and it definitely gave me a little bit of extra energy each time I cycled or ran past them.

Trying to get back to King’s Cross again proved to be quite a challenge and after cycling around in the rain for 30 minutes we decided to cut our losses and get a taxi. After over an hour travelling through the London traffic (and £45 on the meter!) we finally made it to the station. Again, we were just in time to get some dinner and another hot chocolate before jumping (actually more like hobbling by this stage) onto the train.

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