Thursday, 14 November 2013

Zealous Kit Review

Thank you Zealous for these super pretty costumes to wear
Well first impressions were obviously good as the costume designs are just beautiful. There are loads of other lovely designs available too. I especially like the Winter 2013 range.

The Zealous costumes are so so comfortable, not just on first wear but also at the end of a long swim session. I've now been wearing the costumes for 5 months and they are STILL just as comfortable as they were when they were brand new! For me this is a great (and novel) finding as pretty much all previous costumes I’ve owned have rubbed under my arms.

The Zealous costumes fit perfectly. The body is the right length and the chest is the right width. Again this was also a brilliant finding for me as I’ve often had trouble finding costumes which fit properly.

After 5 months of wear, swimming 6 times a week, every week, I can confirm that Zealous costumes are built to last! The costumes have not lost any of their colour or elasticity. It's fantastic to finally find a range of costumes which do actually live up to their chlorine resistant claims.

All in all, these Zealous costumes are the very best I’ve ever owned and I would thoroughly recommend them!

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